Leaving 1% for our future generations will protect the places, wildlife and people we love.

The climate crisis demands our attention. Floods, fires and droughts are becoming more common and destructive as our planet battles a cycle of increasing damage.

We’re at a tipping point, but there’s a way to make a difference.

By leaving 1% in your will to the Australian Conservation Foundation, you can make an impact that lasts for generations.

Doreen & Graham, Warrandyte, Victoria:

“Our generation had the best of a lot of things. We know that with climate change, life will be vastly different for our future generations.”

Jenny Grundy, Hobart, Tasmania:

“ACF has a long history of wins for the environment and I’ve left a gift in my will to make sure the wins we need would continue for the long road ahead.”

Helen Fischer:

“People don’t need to be wealthy to give when they pass away. It doesn’t have to be a huge amount, every little bit helps because there’s so much that needs to be done.”

I want to protect the people, places and wildlife I love.