Your 1% rebuilds and protects our planet

ACF has campaigned for climate action for over half a century and your 1% goes directly to this work. This powerful action today prepares future generations for the challenges of tomorrow.

Holding power responsible for a resilient planet

Our laws are failing us and future generations. Your support has helped us uproot apathy in our systems, leading to major wins for our environment. But the challenges we’re taking on are growing and our future hangs in the balance. 

Our work is broad, but our purpose is simple:

We’re turning back the decisions that have led our world to an extinction crisis. Your 1% does more than hold power responsible. It ensures future generations will still see koalas in the wild, swim above thriving coral reefs and breathe in air free of toxic pollution. 

I want to protect the people, places and wildlife I love.

When we achieve this,
imagine what our future holds